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About Me  

I'm Dan Rémi, founder of MyVeganPersonalTrainer

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you have come to the right place.

“How do I go vegan the right way?”


“What should I eat?”


“How do I get my protein from a vegan diet? And vitamin B12?”


“How do I lose weight on a vegan diet?”


“How do I build muscle on a vegan diet?”


“Will I lose my muscles now that I will go vegan?”


“How do I handle dinner parties with non-vegans, now that I eat vegan only?”

dan remi in lake.jpg

Benefits of sticking around


We are here to help vegans and aspiring vegan live a Fit Plant-Based Lifestyle.


We will TRANSFORM you FROM being insecure about whether you are missing essential nutrients, TO knowing everything you need to THRIVE on a vegan diet.


We will TRANFORM you FROM being lost in this crazy fitness jungle, TO knowing EXACTLY what you need to achieve your dream body.


So HOW will this transformation take place?


There are 2 ways, both of which have a HOLISTIC and EVIDENCE-BASED (NO BULLSH*T) approach:


1. Through our 100% FREE online content on this website´s blog and our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Youtube).




2. Our Online Personal Training Program, the “Plant-Powered Lifestyle” Program, where we will work 1-on-1 with you, and coach you towards your nutrition and fitness goals.


EHFA approved qualifications
fitness institute qualification

✓ 20+ Years of Training Experience

✓ EHFA Certified Personal Trainer

✓ EHFA Certified Fitness Instructor

✓ Nutrition for Vegans & Vegetarians, Fitness Institute

✓ Fitness Institute Danmark Certified Nutritionist

✓ Medical Doctor, University of Southern Denmark

✓ Masterclass in Team Training, Fitness Institute

✓ Type 2 Diabetes Researcher, Endocrinological Department, Odense University Hospital

ereps qualification
SDU university of southern denmark medical doctor

What clients have achieved

Pernille Rasmussen, Multi-Media Designer, Denmark

client testimonial

“MyVeganPersonalTrainer gets my best recommendations! The Workout and Nutrition plans are made exactly according to how they can be best implemented in my daily life, and relevant changes to the programs are regularly made. Rémi is a dedicated personal trainer, whose motivation and engagement are infectious, and he is able to make you feel very comfortable in situations  which are new or uncommon. Not only have I gotten much fitter, Rémi also guides and supports  you with the mental aspects that follow on a fitness journey, for which I am very grateful. I have changed habits, which I did not believe were possible to change and I have gone from finding everything about a gym intimidating and embarrassing, to see it as my sanctuary in my everyday life. I make better decisions for myself and I have gotten a healthier balance between food and training, thanks to MyVeganPersonalTrainer!”

Pernille Lassen, Primary School Teacher, Denmark

client testimonial

"Rémi helped me lose weight. I can definitely recommend him, if you wish a healthy approach to training. I have never been in greater shape, and he is great at motivating and cheering up, when it is necessary💪🏼 I have realised that nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand, and that you should not be afraid to fail, because there is only one way, and that’s forward! 🏋🏼‍♀️“

Kenni Nielsen, Model & Aspiring Pilot, Denmark

client testimonial

“I started out without big expectations, but with Rémi´s knowledge and experience, this has lead to a weight loss of 14 kg+ and I have become much stronger the last 3 months. The best thing with his service is clearly that if you are not satisfied with the least in the program(training or nutrition programs), he makes sure that it gets fixed ASAP. The 14 kg+ weight loss was not a walk in the park, but Rémi´s weekly follow-up meetings made it easier by providing motivation and support.

I couldn’t be more satisfied about my time with Rémi, so if you are ready for a change in your lifestyle, or you want more out of your training, then I can totally recommend MyVeganPersonalTrainer.”

Sandi Besíc, Bioanalytical Student, Denmark

client testimonial

“I started slowly working out. Rémi´s program lead me to lose around 25 kg +. It made me become physically stronger, and mentally too. The service was extremely good, we worked out together and I could definitely feel the knowledge he had. I couldn´t be more satisfied about the program he made, I only recommend him if you wanna lose some weight or if you just wanna become physically stronger.”

Mario, Biotechnologist, Netherlands

“Once I followed the nutrition plan, I no longer had munchies in the evening. I could skip chocolate & chips, with no effort!"

“This is one of the best decisions of the year, for sure."


Paul Steeples, Online English Teacher, Spain

“I now notice a significant increase in strength! It allows me to do OCR a lot better!"

Michael, Web Designer, Italy 

“Now I can't even think of going back to my lazy life."

"I experienced a weight loss of 5 kg, less pain and much more strength."

Obaidha, Chemical Engineer, Bahrain

“The best investment of my life!"

"I lost more than 10 kg, but most important of all, built sustainable good habits."

My Story

transformation story
eating meat story transformation
transformation story studying for exam
vegan burgers transformation story

My favourite movie is “The Matrix”. After reading my story you will understand why.

I have woken up from “The Matrix” twice . The first time lead me to building the body & mind of my dreams, the second time lead me to going vegan.

I have been following the path that was given by norms of society, the first 20 years of my life.

“Go to school, get a good job, get married, be happy!”

“You need milk for calcium and meat for protein!”


I didn´t question anything one bit.


It lead me to going all-in with my studies. So much that I actually became “Student of the Year” multiple times in a row when growing up.















15-year-old me getting caught in the middle of exam preparation.


I was eating meat and dairy like most people, and I LOVED it!



Following my childhood tradition of always eating directly from the big lamb bone.


“Student of the Year” sounds great no? But I was NOT happy. EVERY other aspect of my life was suffering and not in balance. I had poor social skills, I had never dated a girl, I often got bullied and I was not living a healthy lifestyle. I felt extremely insecure and weak as a person. I would always value other people´s opinion over my own, even if I would have a more informed opinion! I was not only weak mentally, but also physically. I was extremely skinny, and could barely do a push-up. I realised that the lack of taking care of my body and health was causing a major part of my misery, and therefore I had to make it a priority!


Eating meat and dairy sounds fine no? But after I stumbled upon the documentary Forks Over Knives and got introduced to the possibility of living on a plant-based diet, I was hooked.. One documentary lead to the next . Soon enough, it all clicked. I realized that because it is possible to live and strive on a plant-based diet, therefore it is unnecessary and unethical to be killing millions of animals every single day, just because they taste good. And taking into consideration the negative impact the animal industry has on the environment and human health, it just fortified my decision of going vegan.


At first I didn´t know what I was doing. I was actually confused about what I read different places online.


One site said carbs are good, another said carbs are bad.


One site said you can´t live on a vegan diet, another said that you can thrive on a vegan diet.


It was a jungle of information! I felt confused, lost and insecure.


I tried so many different training programs that I could find online, but I didn´t really feel any progress.


I was desperate, I really wanted to go vegan to save the lives of animals and respect the environment. I even had a lot of difficulty in saying goodbye to meat and cheese, which just taste so good! I would often end up stuffing my face in a cheese burger. I would feel terrible whenever I did it. My excuse was that it was OK, since I did not know how to go vegan.


I realized I needed to get professional help to get me to my fitness goal and to transitioning safely to a vegan diet, and not waste my time reading about it on some random facebook group.


I hired a coach to make a customised training and nutrition plan for me and my goals. And that´s when things started moving! I was actually building muscle and getting stronger! This motivated me to learn even more about how training and nutrition worked together, leading me to even becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. The transformation of going from being skinny and weak to strong and muscular, also lead to a stronger mindset. I had a lot more confidence in myself! Life outside the gym got easier too. My social skills improved A LOT.


In order to safely transition to being vegan, I hired a nutritionist to teach me everything there is to know about a vegan diet. I learned how to replace the animal food sources with plant-based food sources. I gradually decreased my  consumption of animal products, and as I got to know  more vegan products and recipes, my diet got more veganised. When cravings for meat or cheese would show up, I would remind myself  of WHY I chose to go vegan, and this helped me stay on track EVEN when I would attend social dinners that would serve meat.


Today I am a fit and healthy vegan living on his own terms. I have the body of my dreams and I am no longer the shy introverted guy. I hang out with like-minded people and date girls I want to date. All meals I prepare are vegan AND delicious.






















Enjoying mini-burgers at my favourite vegan restaurant in Odense, Denmark


I have no cravings for meat or cheese anymore. I actually have  a lot of fun  discovering new restaurants, products and recipes to share with the world. And the best of it all is knowing that I am  part of a movement bigger than myself that strives for a world of health, compassion and respect to the planet, animals and human beings.


My experience from waking up from “The Matrix” twice has led me to the following slogan:


Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life


Because perspective is everything!


My Mission


Normalise plant-based well-being for 1 billion and 1 humans.

Some Quick Personal Facts

fighting world hunger
medical doctor
dog lover
djing and music production

I fight world hunger

Every month, a percentage of the company’s earnings is donated to The World Food Programme, which is the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger. The picture is from a charity workout.

Dog lover

Especially big ones that you can take with you for adventures in nature!

Medical doctor

Graduated as a Medical Doctor in summer 2019, and I have then worked at Odense University Hospital and at a GP for 1 year, after which I went full-time with my company.

Love for music

I have previously played the guitar and sung in bands. Now my passion has moved into producing music on the laptop and DJing, whenever I have some free time.

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