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Episode 004: How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously (Comprehensive Guide)


99 % of applicants to our coaching program have the goal of body recomposition (lose fat & build muscle at the same time). So here you have an episode to address this exact goal. A comprehensive guide to building muscle and losing fat at the same time will be presented. Learn why body recomposition is possible, and get presented to tracking tools to monitor your progress. You will be given a detailed breakdown of how you should setup your training & nutrition to best support your individual body recomposition goal. If you want a more simple guide to body recomposition, without all the details, this will be presented as well. It will be in alignment with the 80:20 principle. Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


The transcription below is provided for your convenience, please excuse any mistakes that the automated service may have made.

004_How to Lose Fat & Build Muscle (Comprehensive Guide)
Download PDF • 126KB

You will learn

3:07 Defining Body Recomposition

4:20 First Law of Thermodynamics

6:17 Where Body Recomposition Makes Most Sense

12:06 Tracking Tools

25:13 Making Adjustments

30:21 Most Important Focus for Body Recomposition

35:32 Overview of Detailed Approach to Body Recomposition

37:45 Setting Up Your Caloric Intake

44:30 Setting Up Protein

51:15 Setting Up Dietary Fat

54:30 Setting Up Carbohydrates

55:56 Bonus Section of Body Recomp

58:11 Cardio & Body Recomposition

1:03:35 Simplest Recomp Strategy

Links & Resources

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005. World´s First Vegan Summit of Everest with Kuntal Joisher


About The Show

On the show, Rémi reveals all of his strategies, tips & tricks you will need to live a fit plant-based lifestyle.
Focus is on providing a holistic
approach with evidence-based
information, in an easy digestible

Interesting guests will be joining from time to time, to share their

Discover how you can turn your health & fitness around on a plant-based diet, all while taking care of the planet & animals.

Your Host

Dan Rémi Christiansen Appadoo (Rémi for simplicity) is a Medical Doctor from Denmark, Crossfit Athlete and the founder & owner of MyVeganPersonalTrainer.

Since summer 2020, he went full-time with his craft of love MyVeganPersonalTrainer, helping people across the globe to live a thriving fit life, far away from lifestyle-related disease.


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