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Episode 009: You Will Fail Your Fitness Journey


#009. Out of all episodes that this podcast will ever create, this is one of the least technical, but most important episodes to implement, if you intend to live a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

You can ask anyone living a sustainable fitness lifestyle long term about the top pivotal approach to fitness, and most, if not all, will point to what we'll be discussing today.

So it's very important you not only listen, but also start to live by today's presented approach, if you want to achieve a sustainable fit lifestyle long term.

Although the ALL or NOTHING approach could seem reasonable, and maybe even pretty badass at times, it rarely is the most optimal approach for an imperfect human living in an imperfect world. Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


The transcription below is provided for your convenience, please excuse any mistakes that the automated service may have made.

009. You Will Fail Your Fitness Journey
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You will learn

1:58 What is the ALL or NOTHING approach and its consequences?

3:33 Perfect is an illusion

4:21 Strict Meal Plans

5:56 Magic Macros

8:20 Clean/Good vs Dirty/Bad Foods

13:42 All or Nothing Training

15:27 The better approach

19:10 What successful clients usually say

21:17 The balance between Accuracy, Flexibility & Consistency

Links & Resources

Book I have used for researching today's topic:

Thanks for listening! What's coming next?

010. Avoid My Mistakes - Get Fit MUCH Faster (END OF SEASON 1)


About The Show

On the show, Rémi reveals all of his strategies, tips & tricks you will need to live a fit plant-based lifestyle.
Focus is on providing a holistic
approach with evidence-based
information, in an easy digestible

Interesting guests will be joining from time to time, to share their

Discover how you can turn your health & fitness around on a plant-based diet, all while taking care of the planet & animals.

Your Host

Dan Rémi Christiansen Appadoo (Rémi for simplicity) is a Medical Doctor from Denmark, Crossfit Athlete and the founder & owner of MyVeganPersonalTrainer.

Since summer 2020, he went full-time with his craft of love MyVeganPersonalTrainer, helping people across the globe to live a thriving fit life, far away from lifestyle-related disease.


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