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Episode 001: Welcome to the My Vegan Personal Trainer podcast!


Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast!

Be introduced to the show, and get more insight when it comes to who it's for and the show formalities. Join your host Rémi, going down memory lane, where he tells his story that led to creating this podcast. In the end, he shares a valuable resource you can use to basically go vegan right away!

We are launching with 3 episodes, and going forward, there will be a new episode out on a biweekly basis. It will be a mix of interviews with special guests and solo shows, with just Rémi behind the mic.

Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


The transcription below is provided for your convenience, please excuse any mistakes that the automated service may have made.

001_Welcome to the MyVeganPersonalTrainer Podcast!
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You will learn

3:24 What is this show about, and who is it for?

10:14 Story & background of your host

26:46 Your host´s vegan story

31:30 Why this podcast?

35:12 Format of the show

38:26 How To Go Vegan resource

Links & Resources

Thanks for listening! What's next?

002. Overcoming Mental Challenges when Losing Weight with Pernille Rasmussen


About The Show

On the show, Rémi reveals all of his strategies, tips & tricks you will need to live a fit plant-based lifestyle.
Focus is on providing a holistic
approach with evidence-based
information, in an easy digestible

Interesting guests will be joining from time to time, to share their

Discover how you can turn your health & fitness around on a plant-based diet, all while taking care of the planet & animals.

Your Host

Dan Rémi Christiansen Appadoo (Rémi for simplicity) is a Medical Doctor from Denmark, Crossfit Athlete and the founder & owner of MyVeganPersonalTrainer.

Since summer 2020, he went full-time with his craft of love MyVeganPersonalTrainer, helping people across the globe to live a thriving fit life, far away from lifestyle-related disease.


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