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Episode 008: How to Lose Fat Effectively


Today we will be exploring how we can lose fat (or cut) effectively. You will learn how to decide whether you should cut, bulk, or focus on building muscle and losing fat at the same time. You will lean how to setup your calories and macronutrients based on the desired rate of weightloss, that maximises muscle retention. We will also cover the use of cardio as a tool for fat loss.

Diet breaks will be explained as they are an important part of longer dieting phases, such that you are able to stick to the diet in the long run. The important factors to include in your training to provide an optimal stimulus for muscle growth and strength will be presented as well. Now one thing is to set things up properly, another is to adjust the plan as we move forward, to make sure we continue to stick to the desired plan. Learn how to track your progress , as well as how to make adjustments, when we are not progressing as desired. Lastly we will go through tips and strategies you can use to hit your daily vitamins and minerals. A free app and ebook will be given to help you eat a more balanced, varied and micronutrient-rich vegan diet. Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


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008. How to Lose Fat Effectively
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You will learn

3:07 Should I cut or bulk? Or build muscle and lose fat?

7:27 How to estimate your maintenance calories

12:51 Rate of weightloss to maximise muscle retention?

14:40 Cardio for fat loss

19:17 Tracking food is not an absolute necessity!

20:38 How much protein to eat?

23:23 How much fats & carbs to eat?

25:41 Diet Breaks

29:37 Checklist for adequate resistance training

31:42 How to track progress and make adjustments

41:00 Health, Micronutrients & Free Resources

Links & Resources

Book I have used for researching today's topic:

Thanks for listening! What's coming next?

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On the show, Rémi reveals all of his strategies, tips & tricks you will need to live a fit plant-based lifestyle.
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Dan Rémi Christiansen Appadoo (Rémi for simplicity) is a Medical Doctor from Denmark, Crossfit Athlete and the founder & owner of MyVeganPersonalTrainer.

Since summer 2020, he went full-time with his craft of love MyVeganPersonalTrainer, helping people across the globe to live a thriving fit life, far away from lifestyle-related disease.


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